Will Network Marketing Robo-Calling Get You To Run For Your Checkbook And Sign-Up?

Fortunately: network marketers have a new promotion. The bad news is: the new tool, robo-calling, makes frustrating calls to other network marketers who also – like me : are foolish enough to set their telephone number on their website or website.The number would not look familiar but I actually answer it… although typically an “800” number merely smells of a network marketer spammer. Turns out this was a stay call center call made on the part of a network marketer.

Guess the particular networker was too gutless to make the call on his/her very own. The caller identified him self as “Jay” and commenced his spiel, “Andy, I am aware that you are looking for another way to dietary supplement your income. ” I knowledgeable my good buddy “Jay” that I was not interested. Simply click. I have yet to see virtually any result from this technique except throwing away a lot of time and energy. )

If you want to annoy any MLMer who is working this business, at all cost sign-up for one of these “we will call prospects regarding you” or “robocall system“. But what will be the results? Would you like to attract top networkers inside of your business? Or will you appeal to the bottom feeders who like this specific robo-calling approach and are desperate to join your business with the desires that they too can have somebody else dial for dollars on their behalf. I hate to burst open your bubble but there is not any easy way to build your network marketing company. There is no one in the world better suited sincerely present you when you. Your leaders can assist you together with three way calls to help you in speaking to your leads but ultimately if you want them to join your business, they need to have confidence in YOU… not myself… not your leaders.

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