What is the best ICO to invest in 2018?

Investing in ICO projects can bring investors ten times as much money as their input, yet it is associated with various risks. But I must tell you this, ARhunter project is one of the best ICOs to invest in 2018, which promises to deliver satisfactory results.

Advantages of ideas

ARhunter is not simply an ordinary AR game merely for relaxation. With the mission to bring about a new marketing solution, it is expected to become the first choice for event organizers, including both businesses and individuals, to overcome challenges of the market.


Businesses, individuals initiating ARhunter

ARhunter project will offer a completely new form of community marketing that can save you a fortune compared to traditional costly practice like TV commercials, brochures, influencers… In addition, ARhunter gives the organizers access to three groups of players: event enthusiasts, AR game lovers and VBA coin “hunter”.

With lower cost and larger audience, ARhunter will go beyond any expectations and become a global phenomenon in the near future.

ARhunter players

Gamers will be completely fascinated by the game as well as access to the events or products of the organizers in a natural way. Solving the puzzle and finding the treasure, they will get extremely valuable rewards, which can be converted to VBA coin.


Technological advantage

ARhunter game project can gain attention of investors as well because it is built on the basis of perfect technologies namely AR technology, blockchain technology, contract Intelligent, AI technology, Big Data. Each element has its own unique features that make game system lifelike, safe and transparent. Players, for sure, will have an unforgettable experience as they immerse themselves in the game.

With the ability to fully meet the market demand and competitiveness in terms of  idea and technology, ARhunter deserves to be the best ICO to invest in 2018.

Details of ARhunter Project is available at https://arhunter.io/


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