Tech accessories that make your parenting easier

Name one person who says parenting is easy! No doubt, the joy of your baby finally coming to the world and being in your arms is insurmountable, but the trouble of looking after them and being newbie parents is oh-so-challenging!

Technology has taken us all by storm and has undoubtedly helped us in every way possible. When it comes to you as parents, you will be glad to know that companies have launched so many gadgets to make your parenting easier.

The tech accessories are not just simple to use, but they will also help you to become better parents! We understand how hard parenting can be, but the tech items that we have mentioned in this article will make it easier, we promise!

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Have a look at these tech accessories mentioned below. We think you will love them!


  1.    Nutri Ninja Pro.

What is the most challenging task when it comes to kids, according to you? What we think is that kids refuse to feed on veggies and it is an arduous task to make them eat those healthy things. Worry not though! Nutri Ninja Pro is there to your rescue.

The age-old trick tried and tested by our elders is to sneak the veggies in whatever the kids eat in some way or the other. You can prepare delicious veg or fruit smoothies that the children will crush upon with the help of the “Nutri Ninja Pro” that is a vitamin and nutrients extractor having a power capacity of 900 watts! It also helps you to make dressings, amazing frozen treats, and can also mash veggies until they’re almost in a liquid state so that you can add them to other meals! The Nutri Ninja blends veggies smoothly and finely. You will love it!


  1.    Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Juice Extractor.

The healthiest thing after veggies is fruits. Well, not all kids enjoy having fruits, but you as parents understand the importance of your children consuming them, right? Most of your kids love the idea of fruit juices, but you know that the market produced artificial fruit juices have almost zero nutritional value and do more damage than good!


Nothing to worry, now make your kids their favourite fruit juices within the comforts of your home. The Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Juice Extractor is a dishwasher-safe 850watts extractor that has a dual-speed motor and a durable cutting disc made of stainless steel that helps in fast juicing. Now make fresh organic juices for your li’l ones that are super healthy and tasty with the help of this powerful extractor!


  1.    Owlet Baby Monitor.

The horror of sudden infant death syndrome can get the most out of your sleep and your peace. You don’t know when your less than one year baby might have breathing problems cause it is practically impossible to keep a check on their breathing 24×7 round the clock.


Well, the Owlet Baby Monitor has made things easier now. It is a smart sock that tracks your baby’s oxygen levels and heart rate and sends a notification on your phone in case it senses something wrong. Though the slipper is a li’l pricey, it is worth it.

  1.    Oco Wi-Fi Video Monitoring Camera.


It is not possible to keep a watch over your kids while they’re growing up. However, you as a parent are always concerned about their whereabouts and doings, aren’t you? Now it is possible to leave them alone while keeping a check on them simultaneously.

With the ‘Oco’, that is a Wi-Fi video monitoring camera; you can let your child enjoy his/her independence and can still monitor them through your smartphone as the camera helps you to get a live stream of any room at your home. It has a sound and motion sensor that would help you to know what’s going on at home in your absence.

It also notifies you when your kids reach home safely after coming back from school. It is very useful.


  1.    Baby Shusher.

As a new momma, you get tired saying ‘ssh, sshh’ to make your baby fall asleep. We understand how tiring it can be. With the Baby Susher: The Sleep Miracle, now things will be easier for you. It recreates the womb’s rhythmic sound to relax your fussy newborns. It is tiny and wireless and has a timer too. Easy to carry and use.

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