Steampunk rings – Zombie Sock Monsters and All manner of Curios

i like the internet, increasingly more each day.

For me, it’s a place of awe-inspiring opportunities. One link ends in some other, it’s like navigating via this large woodland of phrases and thoughts and exceptional of all you may examine something in a nice little condensed paragraph!

Its like sitting subsequent to the smart kid at school and being able to ask them anything and get a succinct reaction without listening to them sigh and point out just how stuuupid i’m!

So now, into this digital wonderland of the good, the horrific and the bonkers, i have determined a new vicinity, a unique somewhere that’s the perfect antidote to the anodyne spread of the mega-keep, origami butterfly to the loss of easy impartial stores, an area for artists and craftspeople to paste a finger as much as the “way of life” of the bland and its called Etsy.

i found this site whilst seeking out a birthday present for my Aunt. After hours of scouring shopping malls and the standard net web sites for a unique present where not anything seemed special or suitable – Eureka! I stumbled throughout a shop on Etsy, promoting hand-crafted alien ship and toy ray-weapons, perfectly everyday items for a 60th birthday in my own family.

Etsy is a place in which all matters are hand-crafted, precise and bought without delay through the artist to you through their very own personal Etsy shop because of this they get to preserve a miles higher percent of sales and you discover uniquely handcrafted items at any time of the day or night – ideal for procrastinators and final minute buyers like myself.

On Etsy, i discovered not only ray guns and flying saucers’s, however additionally Vanilla hazelnut mocha candles (I had no idea such matters existed), an autobiographical comic concerning the pains and tribulations of getting teeny tiny boobs known as Boobage, an origami butterfly brooch – that’s confident to be permanent, a fried egg natural cat nip toy and most importantly the zombie sock monkey (non washable) – certainly the appropriate gift for a person obtainable…

Now, in which hypermarket or uniformly mediocre shopping mall could you discover such wonders?
you would not, there may be nowhere large enough to house the sheer scale of creativity, imagination, lunacy and genius that Etsy includes inside its pages and it’s all at your fingertips.
So for any art shops and craft-shops which are feeling the march of the featureless powerhouses (Uber-savings at insidious charges) and for consumers, unwell of the insipid, the mass produced and tired, please direct your peepers to this tremendous area, i am converted – hallelujah, all the time Etsy!

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