SEO Shows You Exactly What You Want Your Site to Do on the Google Indexer

I can’t tell you the number of times I meet with clients, who have all sorts of ideas for their websites. They want videos, animations, complicated images, but they don’t have a clear idea on the most important thing. They don’t really know the purpose of their site. They don’t know who they want to reach with it, what the site is for, and what success of the site is, or even what the google inverted index is and how it affects them.

No matter how inexpensive marketing over the internet is, creating a website is time consuming and costly. There are several facets to a website and the way a website looks is only one of those facets. Most people only focus on the pretty pictures, the flash animations, the colors, but they don’t think about the sites SEO when the site is finally live. And this is what creates so much failure. It is a sites SEO that is going to get the indexing done fast. SEO begins when the first line is written or even when an image is added to a website.

This is a recipe for disaster. SEO is what helps you answer the above important questions like: What is the purpose of my site? And who do I want to reach with my site? It is what gets your website indexed. Essat the

ntially SEO starts helping you to understand your market, and understand what that market is looking for. It helps you understand your internet competition and what they are doing. It can even tell you, in dire cases whether pursuing this topic or area of business, is worth it or not. It is best to do the SEO at the same time you do your website, and if you wait until your site is live and haven’t done any SEO then you will probably end up spending more money when you actually do understand how important Search Engine Optimization. If you never realize that SEO is extremely important for a website then you will be left wondering forever “why no one ever visits your site?” when there are many people looking for your product.

SEO has to do with the content on your site and getting listed on the very first page of the search engines. This is something extremely important, maybe even more important than how pretty your site is. Some of the ugliest sites in the world, are on the first pages of the search engine directories, and are blessed with more traffic than they can handle, and you might ask why, if the site is so ugly. The answer is that these people spent their time, energy and money on getting their site viewed rather than getting their site pretty. They worry first about getting it in the Google indexer Google indexer the right way, then they worry about how pretty it is.

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