Redesigning the Spotify Icon Suite

This week we refreshed our Spotify symbol suite. It was a multi month procedure of making and executing six hundred separately made symbols that needed to look and capacity well over the greater part of our items. Upgrading a whole symbol suite (which hadn’t been refreshed in 3 years!) was a greater undertaking than what we foreseen. We experienced 3 key difficulties that educated these symbols:

We needed to outline a symbol suite that was unique and strong (in style) to mirror our image. In the meantime, we needed the symbols to be basic and stay exquisite over time.The new symbol shapes were intended to reflect our Circular typeface — its more honed frames educate the general symbol style — creating a set that felt special to Spotify. We additionally ensured that these symbols were attracted their least difficult shape, truly considering the absolute minimum expected to pass on the thought behind the symbol.

Spotify is progressively on new stages and screen sizes, as our business develops we expected to consider making an adaptable symbol set to help that. The old symbols were excessively unpredictable and the visual illustrations were troublesome for clients to understand — which introduced challenges when utilized as a part of various sizes for the greater part of our items. The new straightforward shapes, in the mean time, made it less demanding for us to execute symbols that reacted to any scope of sizes, screens, and utilize cases.The last test was guaranteeing every symbol adjusted well in various pages, perspectives and highlights. Toward the begin we had mapped out every one of the symbols in the entirety of our conta spotify premium gratis and wanted to outline each symbol around its unique circumstance. We along these lines expected to spend the initial couple of weeks conversing with groups, specialists and fashioners to comprehend their particular needs.

By doing this and taking a gander at every symbol in setting, we could distinguish the issues with the old symbols on both visual and communication levels. Moreover, the rearranged and responsive symbol set enhanced some center associations in our item, helping make our new route display basic and more open, for example.The greatest adapting, in any case, originated from the procedure we utilized for this undertaking. We constrained ourselves to stay innovative and receptive inside unmistakable outline, specialized and item prerequisites.

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