Take a year or two off and use that free time to study... Congratulations to everyone else accepted to this wonderful program. Tell me then, with your theory, what about women who do not have any desire for marriage or children.

I also heard from a practicing child psychiatrist that it is "in the works" .

If you're bugging him, he can just say he's too busy next semester. Hope everything turns out the bestOk that is fourth year, but in third year you rotate through Community hospitals in the area where you are expected to write all notes and help treat patients with the attending on various services.

Everyone in the group takes turns at the night shift. " It can actually carry some legitimate weight to it. But I do get a lot of weird looks whenever I have dinner with friends. When I talked to them they said they will definitely read the 3 letters whose names you put in the secondary and if you send more they may choose to read those as well"We want to prevent you from having too many opportunities. Many students down here (myself included) perform very well in Basic Sciences and score well on Step I. Its when you go out of your way to go out and criticize coursework (humanistic) that you don't PERSONALLY like, that it becomes a problem, and only a problem for yourself. Mississippi - 10 years from now will be a solid program. Couldn't hurt if it was in addition to other HCE, but as a stand alone experience it won't count for much when you are up against applicants with. How much do they give for equipment / books / insurance ect. I just feel good about being down w/ the USMLE examinations, and hopefully for good (we'll see in 3 weeks).

  1. Physicians: Recognize that there is a prescription opioid epidemic and that a lot of what you were taught regarding opioid prescribing is harmful.
  2. 906945/Are most of the questions general, or specific.
  3. If you can make yourself not be stricken with grief at spending some money on no-way-no-guarantee SMP app fees, then just apply to a bunch of SMPs before you have everything figured out.
  4. The new changes if passed would affect those starting in 2015. At the very least, GS tests help you fine tune your test taking skills as well as your time management on the real exam.
  5. This was mentioned previously in this thread, but I didn't see a reply and I am curious. In the preclinical years, we are assessed according to Honors, High Pass, Pass, Fail based solely on our exam performance.
  6. It's not an indicator of the quality of your application.
  7. I thought I read somewhere back there that the waitlist wasn't formed until June. .
  8. Regarding is there special letters of rec I should consider, should I spend more EC time doing psych or fm during med school, whats the average step score of one of these programs (I keep reading that's its a little more competitive than either FM or Psych alone but both are rather low step1 scores and as such what ends up being a little bit more). Good luck everyone Lets keep this thread going.
  9. So research it now, and if necessary/possible, squeeze in enough psych/soc/edu/poli sci electives to be able to teach those courses. September24, Apr 15, 2014, in forum: MCAT Study Question Q&AI have worked part-time during school and taken about 19 units every semester to graduate early (save $$).
  10. Certain disabilities, etc!
  11. E. Does anyone have thoughts on this dress with a black blazer.
  12. I took the test in the afternoon and at a Prometric center on-campus at my university.
  13. Has anyone gotten a confirmation email stating the application is complete. 3.
  14. Guessin she works in a VA or military to do stuff that's this proximal, but who knows.
  15. Consider places like Utah, Ohio, others in the midwest.
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  1. Going to a fancy undergrad is not the end goal. So, I'm going to study for this, take it and beef up my credentials a bit.
  2. There is no way you can get in with average to medicore GRE scores. Has a cut off of 3.
  3. I'll take it considering my lack of discipline in the final week.
  4. Just like people's financial decisions have consequences, as you say, your decision to believe that you exist on an intellectual ivory tower will have consequences for you too.
  5. 0 (most likely).
  6. I'm glad you guys are here so that I don't feel like a freak for being so annnnntsy. How many of you decided to go SGU and interview in person with them.
  7. For instance, what I said above about no double breasted or french cuffs.
  8. For instance, there's chapter 1 and afterwards, chapter 1's set of practice passages. In hindsight, the Army was a great place to practice dentistry.
  9. While achieving 7 publications in conjunction with rigorous medical coursework remains an arduous task, it is feasible. Even though I was one of the few that passed the Math Regents, i had to take 3 college preparatory classes before i could take calculus.
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  11. I have nothing against him personally, but he is a small animal general practitioner (the most commonly recognized type of veterinarian) who is established in a good area with a good client base, comparatively low work hours and perhaps most importantly, no debt?

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People keep saying they got the secondary and since these VCOM threads are kind of mixed up on here, I don't know if you guys are getting the Virginia campus secondary or the South Carolina campus secondary. The government has done nothing to help these people out. E. No job is very easy as many people think. Otherwise, the number nerds handle the budget, and the bare-minimum is all you get. I know I was ranked at some programs I just visited because I had a good application. He said he went back to Uganda because he missed the food (LOL)~ I do remember he mentioned how diverse the student body is. The MD committee should not see your MD-PhD letters since those are through AMCAS and the MD committee is through TMDSAS. We have an average of 7 PET/CTs (busy day 15/day) and 7 general NUCS/day (busy day 14/day), we also rotate through the VA, where we read an average of 25 general nucs (busy day over 40/day) and 2 PET/CT a day (busy day 6/day), and we are not located in a small city. My stats are cgpa of 3. It has all the info you are looking for. (I believe last year it was just 3 letters in general.

  • That unfortunately is how business often gets done in administrative settings, and I should hope you are not so naive as to believe otherwise.
  • Meaning they received all the letters of recommendation, scores, etc . Looks like they've added even more stuff since I last interviewed.
  • Very close to DC, which is a plus.
  • I have been in contact with the program since last year and considered Jan. Additionally, i think we (read: any poster on this forum) should refrain from dat speculation until one actually posts up scores.
  • I can't imagine going at that pace without cutting corners or getting burned out.
  • Can buy whatever the hell they want at absurdly low prices?
  • I feel I got lucky with the Urologist I previously shadowed... Also what's the secret to owning a Porsche/R8/toy of choice .
  • OP: Posted the below in a different thread, but I saw you are in exact same situation that I was in 4yrs ago, except my MCAT wasn't as high as yours...