How to make money from farms in Oregon


The first thing we need do, to know that how we can make our bread and butter from farms in Oregon, is to know and observe the conditions, land nature is it rough or straight (smooth)? Moreover, soil nature, that if it needs fertilizers in huge amount or moderate plus the crops that we select should also be that, which suits the environment and can grow well and healthy with less damage and chances of getting diseases, and have rapidly growing in Oregon. Some crops are for the whole year they can grow every weather and condition that also is profitable crops, as they have fewer chances of disease and are resistant.

In modern world natural fertilizers (cow dung) are replaced by synthetic fertilizers to increase its yield, the farmer should know which element is necessary for which crops; hence that element rich fertilizer should be used like sulfate, phosphate.

Cattle or horse farming we need to know the condition’s only, that suits them so that they don’t die in due to conditions, but in case of cattle’s and horses the good thing is they don’t die often due to conditions as they are very resistant animals and can live in hard conditions too except for frozen climate. To start you need small farm near about 5 acres, this small farm could be profitable, and for that, you need small farms income ideas.

Best Crops to Grow in Oregon

As Oregon of United States is on the west coast side of the Pacific so has the moderate climate, thus many crops can be grown here easily. The most abundant crops of Oregon include Wheat, Hay of all types, Pears, Potatoes and grass seeds. Oregon is also famous for its dairy products and milk production due to its large number of dairy farms. Due to a large amount of Hay production in Oregon, livestock food expanse is reduced as cattle’s and other animals graze and hay is one of their favorite food items. Some other major crops in Oregon are Apples, Barriers, Hazelnut, plums and sweet corn.

Oregon Best Cash Crops

Cash crops or profitable crops are grown for agricultural use to get profit. Parties usually buy them apart from a farm. The term is used to sell a crop in the market, other than a maintenance crop, these crops are manufactured by the producer’s livestock or grown as a food for the producer’s farm.

From above information all the crops that are sold are cash crops, but here we will discuss crops that are highly profitable and is produced in huge quantity as its demands are high, for e.g. Wheat is the most abundant and used crop in the world, as it has hundreds of products which is used on daily bases and are essential part of our daily diet. Similarly, Hay is another type of crop that is used widely for furniture use and also for decorations purpose but the most important use is food for livestock (animals), it’s is produced in tons along with wheat.

Farming is now quite easy due to advancement in technology. We provide oregon farms and ranches for sale.

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