How to find the right ELD

Complete enforcement of the ELD requirement has begun. It means which nonexempt drivers without ELDs are being put out-of-service through enforcement officials. If you do not have the right ELD solution, you are already late. The process of ELD implementation cannot be put off anymore. For many, however , the process may feel overwhelming. Who has you time to evaluate all of the ELD choices? This article shares our guidance for streamlining the process of getting a compliant ELD and staying away from an expensive mistake.

In an attempt to ensure that the market find a compliant ELD, the FMCSA created a good ELD registration list. It is important to note that the ELDs on this list are self-certified by the vendors, and they are not really verified or endorsed through the FMCSA. Here’s what the previous head of the FMCSA, Annette Sandberg, had to say concerning the self-certification list. “As the former regulator, the biggest issue I have is the number of ELD vendors that are currently within the FMCSA list [of approved vendors] that will probably should not be. Vendors with this list are supposed to have ELD systems that can be self-certified, meaning it meets the requirements and can be added to the accepted list. ”

Reviews through real users on impartial platforms such as the Google Perform Store, the iTunes shop, Ease of use. Your success along with any technology is predicated on your team’s ability to utilize it. If it’s not user-friendly and requires extensive training, you will have headaches down the road. day to day support from real people, certainly not machines. Find the vendors assistance line on their website and give this a call. If you can’t to have answer or prompt reaction, run. Proprietary hardware. Numerous providers create their own equipment for drivers. This is usually incredibly expensive up front. As well as worse, you’re locked to their ecosystem. A smartphone or even tablet-based solution gives you much more flexibility. Long contracts. Several providers will try and secure you into three or perhaps five-year deals. Anything past one year should be a sign which they aren’t truly confident within their product. A lack of experience. Companies that were started in the last 2 yrs should be looked at with skepticism. Will they be around for your long haul?

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