How to Choose Raised Access Floor?

Decide on wood core type brought up access floor if far better foot feel is recommended. Unlike China laminate floor coverings, the surface of wood key is not strong abrasion immune. So the surface should be coated with antistatic HPL or perhaps PVC tile which is solid wearing resistant. Choose HPL, PVC or carpet taken care of type if more stunning look is required for the form of cement infill panel. Pick out perforated type if venting for the floor is chosen. Choose OA type when lots of wire or cabling need to be used on the floor. Tend not to choose wood core sort if water resistance is required.

Established the weight of the heaviest center in the computer room because the minimum loading capacity to prevent the damage of raised easy access floor during its everyday use. Be familiar with the required requirements such as the concentrated load, standard load, ultimate load, method resistance, pedestal height and also wearing resistance to make sure the chosen floor meet each common.

The surface of aluminum raised floor should be strong damaging the teeth resistant, strong moisture resilient, anti-slip, environmentally friendly, strong rust resistant and clean. The particular pedestal can be adjusted to the necessary height. Check the length, size and thickness of section to see it meet the need. Check the pedestal to see these are fully galvanized if galvanization is required. Calculate the total inside area of the room and then lift weights the necessary quantity of raised entry floor and related components such as cable box, lifter, pedestal, stringer, etc .

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