Hair Products to Keep Your Eye On

There have been some pretty spectacular innovations in hair products lately. I’ve never been too fussy with my own hair because it’s impossibly flat and can’t hold a curl for longer than a minute. These new products however , give me hope that maybe, just maybe, there’s a place for me among the beautiful haired people.

Have you ever wanted to dye your hair an outrageous color just for the fun of it? Me too. Many of us though can’t commit to the trend, imagining a moment where we wake up from the fantasy and say “What was I thinking?! ” Rita Hazan has designed a dye hair product that sprays on highly pigmented color in blue, purple or pink for people just like me who are perpetually dye-shy. The great part of this product is that it washes out easily along with water and stays in all day with a little hairspray. Rita’s Pop Color Temporary Color Spray works just as well on brunettes as it does upon lighter tresses, which means anyone can play around with the color.

In addition to Pop Color, Rita Hazan also makes temporary color spray concealers that provide coverage for everything from peaking grey hairs to overgrown dark roots. The sprays come in a variety of different colors to match your particular shade. When I say fragrance with regard to hair, I don’t mean scented curly hair spray. I am talking about designer perfume scents we know and love being formulated for frizzy hair. Not only will these mists smell amazing but they also soften strands creating healthier looking hair. You can wear this alongside your perfume of the same scent or replace it all together, which is what I’d hope to do. So far, designer hair fragrances.

Just as there are so many advantages to wearing face primer, your hair too can reap tremendous benefits from it as well. Hair primer is the perfect foundation to wear under all your other locks products, allowing them to work more effectively and last longer throughout the day. Wearing hair primer smoothes the hair follicles as well as protects strands, as well as your scalp, from damaging UV rays. A great primer to try out is Bumble and Bumble Prep, which also works as a great detangler.

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